NLE Choppa Responds To Graphic Pics: My Preference Is Women!!

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After a pic of him in his boxers was posted online, NLE Choppa attracted attention from both sexes…but the rapper made it clear that he is straight and is only attracted to women.

“First and foremost I love myself and I’m comfortable enough in my skin to show the beauty God blessed me with,” he tweeted. “Secondly I LOVE all so I don’t mind attracting both genders, but most importantly my sexual preference is women. Please stop trying to make me something I am not.”

Choppa posted the pic and captioned the post, “A Whole Symbol.”

Youtuber Adin Ross responded, “U knew exactly what you were doing in that post. No homo ur sh-t is huge brother holy sh-t.”

Last month, Choppa announced her had split with his girlfriend and is now single.

“I am single. I’m man enough to admit I’m not ready, and I have some growing to do,” he tweeted. “I’m fighting spiritual wars so often, my physical reality don’t even be the problem no more,” adding, “Detaching and letting go truly is a task for the strong. It’s tough but has to be done for GROWTH.”

Is this growth?

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