NLE Choppa Put On Blast By Pregnant Ex

Lyndon Abioye |

NLE Choppa tried to shoot his shot at Meagan Good, who turned him down because he is too young. But his pregnant ex-girlfriend saw the messages and hopped on social media to respond.

Marissa says she is pregnant with his child and that they actively tried to conceive a child. She says he is already a deadbeat…not showing up to support her.

“I really been trying to hold it down and keep it together. But I’m honestly just fed tf up. You constantly trying to holla at folks, take folks on dates and etc but you have failed to show up for your child! That YOU PAID FOR ME TO HAVE! You think because you may pay a doctor bill or send a few dollars for certain sh-t that changes the fact that you’re absent as f-ck. I’ve had 31 appointments since we’ve placed our child in my stomach and you haven’t shown up to one because you’re working and busy.”

She continued: “I accepted it for the moment but you’re telling me, you don’t got no time for doctor’s appointments but you got time to wanna take folks on vegan dates? You got time to wanna continue to shoot your shot but not for your kid?? You got time to wanna fall in love with someone else and age ain’t nothing but a number but you have not showed up for your child.”

She claims they did not break up. He didn’t respond to her posts. NLE Choppa has previously claimed he does not believe in monogamy.

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