NLE Choppa Explains Why He Stopped Selling BBL Powder

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NLE Choppa once claimed that he created a powder that would give women a BBL naturally. In an interview, the rapper says he had to fall back from selling the powder because of a few issues that arose.

“What happened was, I kinda got out of rhythm with selling herbs because I wanted to make sure that if I have a business…a serious business like that the people running it are just as serious as me about it,” he said.

He continued, “I used to get certain emails. Like, a person would get some sea moss and the sea moss busted open. That falls back on me. Even though I’m not the person making it and putting it together. They gon’ come at NLE. With something that serious, and knowing I can’t be there and I can’t be the one making it or doing this the whole time because I have to do other sh-t, I said it will do best by just stopping for a certain period of time and waiting until I can form a team around it.”

Y’all ready to cop Choppa’s BBL powder when the business is up and running again?

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