NLE Choppa Calls Out Blueface For Baby Mama Disrespect

Tiffany Brockworth |

NLE Choppa hopped on X to call out Blueface after the Cali rapper disrespcted his baby mama, Marissa Da’Nae.

Chrisean Rock claimed Blueface tried to holler at Marissa, and Marissa confirmed the account but Blueface says Choppa’s baby mama gave him her number.

Blueface then tweeted that after Rock spilled the tea, NLE Choppa blew up his phone but that he didn’t answer because he was feeling “tender.”

“Nle been calling my fone all day about his baby momma but I’m tender,” Blue wrote on X. “He hopped on that no rizz train till he seen I had that number now I’m his shotta flow remix friend. don’t call me about no bitch boy.”

“Keep bullying women, that ain’t gone work here. n stop snitching that ain’t very SY of you P.S.shotta flow 7 out now too,” Choppa clapped back

On Instagram, he then posted a video that was captioned, How My Shotta Flow Remix Friend Holler AT My BM.”

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