NLE Choppa Addresses Chrisean Rock Face Tattoo…It Was A FAKE!!

Lyndon Abioye |

NLE Choppa went viral last month after he showed off his Chrisean Rock face tattoo.

Some speculated that the tat was fake and the rapper finally admitted it was, showing off his clear face.

“The face tatt idea came from Lil Mabu, so y’all gotta go blame him because he told me to do it,” he said, admitting that Chrisean does not answer his calls.

He has not spoken to Chrisean about the tat.

He continued: “It was photoshopped, too. I just [took] a picture of my face, blended it all good. That idea came about through Mabu, and I said you know what? I thought about it for a day, talked to some of the guys about it. They said, ‘Man, that sh-t would go viral.’…So I said, let’s just do it.”

Chrisean is back with her baby daddy Blueface while he is in jail.

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