Niko McKnight RIPS Tyrese Gibson For Defending His Estranged Father!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Niko McKnight, the son of singer Brian McKnight, has slammed Tyrese for defending his father.

Tyrese hopped online to weigh in on Rickey Smiley offering support to Brian’s kids, but Niko says Tyerese needs to sit this one out.

“Tyrese used to sleep under our pool table when I was a kid,” Niko wrote on his Instagram Story.

“I know the 90s RnB brotherhood blood is thicker than anything but you should sit this one out champ. You have relationships to fix with your own children and your own past decisions you’ve made on behalf of p-ssy and power,” he continued.

Niko was referring to Tyrese’s relationship with his daughters, Shayla, 16, whom he shares with ex-wife Norma, and Soraya, 5, whom he shares with ex-wife Samantha.

\“The allegiance to those two things is what keeps you guys from seeing that the only thing that matters in the end is family. Real men can see past the bulls—. Let me stop though. This 46-hr chemo infusion has me ready to fade Jody,” Niko added. “That’s not right. Peace and Prosperity.”

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