Nicki Minaj’s Husband SUES New York . . . To Disprove S** Offender Status In NY Court

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Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, has sued the State of New York, Media Take Out has learned. The entertainment executive claims that the State has unlawfully included him in a s**x offender registry.

New York state, the defendant is moving to dismiss, as it argues that Petty had every opportunity to challenge his status previously. Recently, he faced in-home detention for failing to register in California. According to court documents received by AllHipHop, the court will begin oral arguments on January 6th, 2023.

In the lawsuit, Kenneth Petty claims that he never received notice of a 2004 S** Offender Registration Act hearing, which the defendant denies.

New York claims, “The court-certified transcript of this hearing… is both an official judicial record and integral to Plaintiff’s complaint… Plaintiff acknowledged his identity on the record, and his counsel stated that Plaintiff did not contest his designation as a level 2 s** offender.”

But Nicki’s husband claims that someone forged his signature and that he was in jail at the time.

“Plaintiff’s counsel’s implication that this official judicial transcript is a forgery… is nothing short of absurd. As the Court is well aware, incarcerated individuals are constantly being brought to court from prison… The state courts similarly routinely require the production of incarcerated individuals for court appearances, such as the SORA hearing at issue.”

“Although Plaintiff admits to his felony conviction for Attempted Rape in the First Degree in State Court he still alleges that he was unaware of his sex offender status and his risk level redetermination until he was arrested in March 2020 out-of-state for failure to register.” They elaborated saying, “From 2013 through March 2020, [he] alleges he was unaware of the collateral consequences of his felony s** crime conviction.”

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