Nicki Minaj Tells The Barbz To Never Threaten Anyone On Her Behalf

Lyndon Abioye |

Nicki Minaj is known for sending her Barbz to attack her enemies online…but the rapper has had a change of heart.

“Dear Barbz. Be sure to never threaten anyone on my behalf. Whether on the internet or in person. Whether in jest, or not. I don’t & never have condoned that. We have an amazing album right around the corner. 12/08/23. It feels so surreal & euphoric. Wishing you blessings on blessings,” she wrote on Instagram.

Fans replied in the comments:

“Lmao she’s been condoning their diabolical antics for years and has been gassing them up.…why stop now,” one follower wrote.

“oh she finally wanna tell her pathetic barbs to stop bulling innocent people online 🥱” another wrote.

Another chimed in, “Trying to gather up a bunch of crazed minions , this late in the game is hardly going be effective since they went years going unchecked ..why all of sudden you don’t condone their tactics?”

Is it too late for the Barbz to change?

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