Nicki Minaj IS STILL W/ Husband Kenneth Petty

Lyndon Abioye |

Nicki Minaj is seemingly still very much together with her husband Kenneth “Zoo” Petty amid rumors that she was headed for divorce.

A new video shows Nicki and her son Papa Bear boarding a private jet alongside her husband, looking very much like a happy, united family.

Rumors started to swirl are Nicki posted the words “Yes” and “Single” on Twitter. Then a livestream of her breaking down in tears describing the birth of her son hit the internet.

Some fans speculated that Nicki was under the influence at the time of her livestream.

Fans reacted to the video in the comments.

“Y’all act like WE the ones made a crazy video with Macy Gray makeup talking about being a mother and nodding off wtf ,” one wrote.

“I told y’all,” another viewer wrote. “She pulls all types of shenanigans errtime Cardi is ready to release something r have a show to perform at. Told y’all it was a ruse to take the spotlight off of Cardi. Same ole bs.”

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