Nicki Minaj Husband Pulls Up To Cardi B Husband Offset’s Hotel Room … Threatens HIM! (Video)

Lyndon Abioye |

This week’s MTV Video Music Awards was one of its best shows in years. Nicki Minaj, who hosted the event, did a great job entertaining the audience. But the night ended with a near violent encounter between Nicki’s husband and Cardi’s husband.

As Media Take Out reported, Nicki brought her husband, NYC music executive Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, and his friends with her to the event. And before the event, we learned that an associate of Zoo, who has deep ties to the streets, reached out to Cardi’s husband Offset to check his temperature- and see if he had any issues with Nicki or her husband.

Cardi and Nicki Minaj have been beefing for 5 years. And the last time the two ladies were in the same building together, there was violence.

It’s not clear what Offset said to Nicki’s husband via DM. But whatever he said – caused Zoo and a few of his homies to pull up to Offset’s hotel room after the show was over. The group of men taunted Offset on IG, and threatened him.

Fortunately for everyone (especially Offset), Cardi’s husband never came out to confront the men.

They live-streamed it:

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