Nicki Minaj Gives Ex-Manager Deb Antney Her Flowers On IG Live

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Nicki Minaj hopped on Instagram Live with former manager, Deb Antney, and shouted her out for supporting her over the years.

“This woman is somebody who, no matter what I went through…every time I called her, I would be crying […] and she would be like, ‘girl, that ain’t no big deal, stop!’ It was great for me to see a woman in the music business have my back. You know? And tell me that there wasn’t nothing wrong with me,” Nicki said.

Deb has spoken many times about managing Nicki in the past. Deb has always had nothing but good things to say about the superstar.

“I remember one time somebody said she would never amount to nothing. I knew she was a star,” she told REVOLT. “She wanted to give up a couple of times and I’d cuss her out, and we’d go back and forth with each other. She did pay homage. She did look up to other people. But, how much did they want her to do that? She didn’t have it easy, and people don’t know the sacrifices she made and the struggles she went through. But, she was highly disciplined. And I’m telling you this right now, I have not ran into a woman yet that can even stand toe-to-toe with her as far as being disciplined. It’s hard for me, with women, because she set the bar for me so high.”

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