Nicki Minaj BLASTS Meg The Stallion … For Neg’s Album FLOPPING!!

Nicki Minaj is firing shots, against her one time friend Meg Thee Stallion. Nicki seems to be enjoying that fact that Meg – who is also a top female rap star – is having difficulty getting fans to stream her new music, Media Take Out has learned.

Meg has been on Nicki’s sh*t list since she collaborated with Nicki’s arch-nemesis Cardi B. Nicki helped launch Megan’s career by hopping on Megan’s first hit single Hot Girl Summer.

But less than a year after Nicki helped launch Meg, the twerking female rapper decided to turn her back and collab with Cardi for her second hit single WAP.

Media Take Out learned that ever since then, Nicki has been launching some subtle, and some not so subtle jabs at Meg. When Megan’s last album was released – and flopped, Nicki publicly teased her former friend about it – by laughing a few minutes after the numbers were released

And this week, moments after the numbers for Meg’s new album was released – and confirmed that it also flopped, Nicki did the same thing.


Nicki’s fans are flooding Meg’s comments with mean spirited comments suggesting that Meg’s career is “over,” and suggesting that she has a “horrible” flow that she never changed, Media Take Out confirmed.

So far Meg hasn’t responded to Nicki’s shade.

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