Nick Young Blames Media For Ruining His Relationship w/ Iggy Azalea

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Nick Young says he could have worked things out with Iggy Azalea after his cheating if the media hadn’t gotten involved.

He explained how he got his baby mama pregnant.

“She wasn’t, you know, home. She left me ’cause the [D’Angelo Russell] thing. I get her back, then she left me for the chicks at the house thing. So, you know, she left me for like a month or so,” he told Vlad. “Things happen. I got where I’m comfortable,” he continued. “Me and my child’s mother start bonding [during] that time, and that’s what happened.”

Young added, “I feel like, she was going through a lot anyway with like, the media was killin’ here. She used to get embarrassed a lot. So, she was like, ‘This another thing that people are going to embarrass me about. They don’t like me anyway, they always talkin’ about me!’ She was dealing with a lot.”

Y’all think he wants Iggy back?

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