Nick Cannon Convinced BABYS MOTHER Bre … After Having 10th Kid, I Don’t Have To Pay Child SUPPORT!

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Nick Cannon’s babys mother Bre Tiesi recently became a real estate agent, and joined the cast of the hit Netflix reality series Selling Sunset. And during the show, she dropped some pretty mouth dropping tea onto Nick’s child support obligations.

Tiesi, 32, and Cannon, 42, welcomed son Legendary in July 2022, and the mom began shooting season 6 of the show just weeks after giving birth. It was Nick’s 11th child.

And the number 11 is pretty important, according to Bre.

In the seventh episode, costar Amanza Smith asks Tiesi if it’s true that someone doesn’t have to pay child support after having 10 children.

“That’s true,” Tiesi responds as the pair share cocktails in a picturesque rooftop setting. “The way it works is like, after 10, the court can basically say he can’t afford to pay child support. Or because he is who he is, they could say, ‘We know you can afford X amount for each household.'”

“That explains a lot, I guess,” Amanza responds in a confessional interview. “I’d keep going too.”

Cannon is father to 12 children including Legendary, and Tiesi is quick to point out that she doesn’t rely on the comedian to finance her own life — or that of their child. “I take care of myself,” she retorts. “If my son needs something, or we do, I ask, that’s all I have to do. I know he’s a good dad and Nick is not my sugar daddy, Nick is not the reason I’m where I’m at.”

“I definitely strive to be the best at everything, to the point where I drive myself insane, but I’ve worked my ass off to be where I’m at,” she adds in a confessional interview. “I did this all myself, and of course, my son is even more of a motivation. I want to give him everything from me. Not from my partner.”

Of course what Bre said is NOT true. Under US law, men are responsible for paying child support for every child.

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