Nick Cannon WASN’T THE FIRST . . . 1980s Star Phillip Michael Thomas Has Between 11 and 15 Kids!

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Nick Cannon will have as many as 14 children, by the time 2022 comes to an end – but he’s not the first male celebrity to be so fruitful.

Media Take Out learned that 1980s actor, and star of the hit tv series Miami Vice, had at least 11 children, from multiple women and possible as many as 15.

Someone sent out a Father’s Day post for Phillip, a few years back, allegedly showing him and less than half of his children – and the picture was full of kids.

The post claimed that Phillip had 15 kids. He’s on record as having 11 kids, so either the post was mistaken, or the actor continued to populate the planet after his divorce.


Philip Michael Thomas, now 73 years old, is an American retired actor and musician. Thomas’ most famous role is that of detective Ricardo Tubbs on the hit 1980s TV series Miami Vice. His first notable roles were in Coonskin (1975) and opposite Irene Cara in the 1976 film Sparkle. After his success in Miami Vice, Thomas appeared in numerous made-for-TV movies and advertisements for telephone psychic services. He served as a spokesperson for cell phone entertainment company Nextones, and supplied the voice for the character Lance Vance in the video games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Phillip is a devout is a vegetarian, nonsmoker and nondrinker. In 1986, Phillip married Kassandra Thomas.. They have five children together. In 1998, Thomas and Kassandra divorced. Thomas also has six other children from previous relationships.

Online reports suggest that after his marriage, the actor may have had up to four more children.

So Nick Cannon’s not alone . . .

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