Nia Long Friend: ‘Jealous’ Starting Player On Celtics SNITCHED On Ime Udoka!

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The drama surrounding Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka and the cheating allegations are OUT OF CONTROL. Media Take Out reached out to one of actress Nia Long’s closest friends – and she gave us some pretty EXPLOSIVE tea surrounding the situation.

According to Nia’s friend, Ime has been having what she describes as “issues” with one of the players on the Boston Celtics – and the friend suspects that it was that player who “snitched” on Ime.

The friend told Media Take Out, “[Ime] has been going back and forth with [a player on the Celtics], and now this drops. It’s no coincidence.”

“If this was a consensual relationship, someone had to tell [the management at the Celtics.] It wasn’t Ime or the b***h. So who else could it have been.”

The friend claims that Ime’s issues with the player – who played an integral part in the Celtics success last season – have been ongoing. The friend elaborated to Media Take Out, “Ime is about basketball, that’s what he lives for, and he pushes people. [The player] didn’t like Ime’s style and they butted heads.”

But Nia’s friend does not excuse her friend’s spiritual husband, for cheating. She added, “He really messed up. Nia is devastated and embarrassed. And his career is in shambles. No one won in this.”

Ime is set to receive a long suspension from his employer, the Boston Celtics. And when he returns, the player – who is currently signed to a huge contract, will still be on the team.

The friend ended our rather frank conversation with this statement, “F**k Ime, F**k [the player], Let’s all just be here for Nia.”

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