NFLer Xavien Howard’s Baby Mama Puts Daughter In Onesie w/ DNA Results & “Dead Beat Father” 

Lyndon Abioye |

NFL baller Xavien Howard is going viral after his newest babys mother just put his business on Blast.

The mother, who is 36 years old and has other children, claims that Xavien has not supported their newborn. And Media Take Out learned that she decided to embarrass the heck out of the football player, in the most ghetto manner possible.

The mom posted a series of pictures of their newborn – wearing a custom onesie. On the front of the onesie was a statement, which basically called Xavien a deadbeat father. On the back of the onesie, was the DNA test which allegedly proved that he is the babys father.


This is the mom, by the way …

This is just too messy … Xavien needs to pay that woman and go see that child, immediately.

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