NFL Commentator Shannon Sharpe Spotted Carrying Tiny Fluffy Dog … Twitter Rumors Grow!!

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Shannon Sharpe is one of the most popular sports commentators in the world, and he’s extremely private about his personal life. Shannon never talks about his private relationships EVER, and by doing so he has created some mystery and intrigue about his love life.

Well last month, Shannon raised eyebrows when he brought his personal stylist Hollywood with him – to sit in the front row of the Los Angeles Lakers game. To most onlookers, it just looked like two friends attending the game together.

But it just so happens that Hollywood has a history, so it raised a few eyebrows, and it’s got Black Twitter BUZZING. As Media Take Out has reported, Hollywood was involved in a pretty big scandal about 15 years ago. At the time Hollywood was working as the assistant for a popular NFL player, Kerry Rhodes.

Hollywood eventually told the media that he and Kerry were actually secret lovers. Kerry denied the claims, but TONS of intimate photos of the two men leaked online – which appeared to support Hollywood’s claims.

So because of Hollywood’s history, folks all across Black Twitter have been speculating about the true nature of Shannon, a former NFL player, and Hollywood’s relationship.

Now the rumors are growing again. Yesterday video leaked online, showing Shannon walking through the Los Angeles airport – and he was carrying a tiny fluffy “Paris Hilton” type dog. It’s not clear whether that was his dog, or his good friend Hollywood’s


But as you can imagine, Black Twitter is RUNNING with this . ..

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