New York Rapper Lil Tjay Was Allegedly ‘SET UP’ . . . By A Woman He MET AT NIGHTCLUB!!!

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Rapper Lil Tjay is currently in critical condition, recovering from seven gunshot wounds to his body. Now Media Take Out has some more details surrounding his alleged shooter.

Media Take Out spoke with someone close to the Bronx rapper who believes that Lil Tjay was “set up” by a female whom he met at the nightclub, just hours before the shooting.

First, we have an update on the rapper’s condition. Media Take Out learned that the NY rapper was shot multiple times in the chest, and that both his lungs collapsed – TWICE.

Paramedics were able to re-inflate his lungs in the ambulance, and then doctors re-inflated the rappers lungs a second time, as he lay on the operating table.

The insider, who asked tp remain anonymous, explained, “It’s a miracle he’s alive. God was with him.”

The insider also gave some information on how the rapper – who travels with security – was able to get caught lacking.

The insider told Media Take Out, ‘It was a girl. He met her at the club, and she went back to his apartment. We think she called people and lined up [Lil Tjay.”

Police are currently investigating the shooting, and have already apprehended a man whom they believe was the shooter, Mohamed Konate. While people close to Lil Tjay suspect a woman’s involvement, that has not yet been officially confirmed by a police investigation.

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