New York City Mayor Eric Adams Is Considering “Rescinding” Diddy’s Key To The City!!

Lyndon Abioye |

New York City Mayor Eric Adams says he’s considering taking back Diddy’s key to the city after the video of him brutally beating his ex-girlfriend, Cassie, leaked online.

“I think all of us were deeply disturbed by watching that chilling video of the young lady being assaulted by him. And the committee and the team, we’ve never rescinded a key before, but we are now sitting down to see what the next steps forward are going to be,” said Adams.

Adams presented Diddy with a key to New York City for “his contributions to music, business, and philanthropy,” last year.

“The bad boy of entertainment is getting the key to the city from the bad boy of politics!” Adams said during the Times Square ceremony.

He says his team will soon make a decision.

“We are taking everything under analysis and the team will come back to me with final determination,” he added.

Should the mayor take Diddy’s key?

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