NYC Bodega Owner Stabs Man TO DEATH . . . Fight Over Allowing EBT Card To Buy A BAG OF CHIPS!!

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Crime in New York City is going through the roof. And now some shop owners are getting in on the violence. Media Take Out learned that a man was stabbed to death during a confrontation with a man who worked inside a Manhattan bodega.

According to multiple social media reports, the fatal incident was sparked when the bodega owner refused to allow a woman to buy chips with an EBT card.

Reports say that the woman left the store and returned with her boyfriend, and that’s when things went left.

According to surveillance video leaked online, which was reviewed by Media Take Out, the Manhattan bodega worker appeared to stab the customer to death after the enraged man came around the counter and attacked him over the bag of chips.

The shocking video starts off with a Black male customer climbing behind the counter at a Harlem bodega, confronting the elderly bodega worker.

While the video is without audio, it appears that the customer is yelling at the store clerk, who then shoved him into the shelf.

That was a bad idea.

After several moments, the worker reaches inside a secret compartment, and pulls out a large knife – which he plunges into the younger man’s neck and chest The young man is quickly covered in blood, the footage shows.


Police were called, and the victim was taken to Elmhurst Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
His female companion suffered cuts to her left arm during the scuffle but was listed in stable condition at the hospital.

Police arrested the bodega owner, and are holding him on homicide charges.

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