‘Secret’ Video Suggests Nicki Minaj’s Husband Was INNOCENT . . . Alleged Victim Appears To Admit He Shouldn’t Have Been Convicted!

Nicki Mianj’s husband Kenneth Petty, a music industry insider has been all over the news lately, over a s*xual assault conviction from 20 years ago.

Now Media Take Out has learned that a secret video was leaked, appearing to show the alleged victim admit to a discrepancy about what happened many year ago. In the video, the victim claims that she asked the prosecutors to drop the case against the then-teenage Kenneth, who was represented by an out-matched Legal Aid attorney.

The EXPLOSIVE video was leaked by a friend of the victim – Jennifer Hough. Jennifer’s “friend” secretly recorded a phone conversation between the two – where Jennifer discussed Nicki’s husband’s case – and asking the prosecutors to drop the case against Kenneth.

In the video, Jennifer can be heard saying, “I stood up in court and – when the judge asked ‘Does anyone have anything to say before [Kenneth Petty] is sentenced” – and I said, “Your honor I am the person who pressed the charges, and I would like to drop the charges I made a huge mistake.”

Jennifer continued, “I’m in court, in front of [Kenneth’s] friends and his family … and [the judge] was like, “take it to the D.A.”

But according to Jennifer the district attorney was not interested in dropping charges against Kenneth. She told her friend, “Nobody was trying to hear sh**.”

In another snippet, Jennifer claims to have wrote a letter to the district attorney claiming that she was “pressured” into pressing charges against Kenneth, and that she “didn’t want him to go to jail.”

The district attorney nonetheless continued prosecuting Kenneth, and he eventually pled guilty to charges related to the alleged offense.

But the video may not be exactly what it seems. The snippets of the discussion between Jennifer and her “friend” were selectively chosen, in a manner to suggest that Kenneth was innocent of the charges, which he pled guilty for, Media Take Out observed.

While the videos suggest that Kenneth may have been innocent, it’s not completely clear – by the videos released – whether they were selectively chosen to twist Jennifer’s words around and make Nicki’s husband appear innocent.

But Nicki Minaj’s fans are JUMPING ON THIS VIDEO – and circulating it all over social media.

Media Take Out confirmed that a few Nicki Minaj fans gave already reached out to the Queens District attorney in New York and are asking to have the case re-opened, and Kenneth be exonerated for the crime.

Kenneth pled guilty to s**ual assault charges, and was sentenced to 6 years in prison for the crime. After being released from prison, Media Take Out learned that Kenneth told those close to him that he pled guilty NOT because he was guilty, but because he was poor and had inadequate legal representation to fight the charges.

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