New Trend In THE HOOD: Boys Are Wearing ‘Pooh Sheisty’ Masks To GRADUATION!! (PICS)

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There’s a new trend going on in graduations all across the country. Media Take Out learned that hundreds of young men are planning on wearing “Pooh Shiesty” masks to their graduation ceremony.

The mask was popularized by Pooh Sheisty, who frequently wore the mask before the Covid-19 pandemic. After the pandemic, it became the mask of choice in many hoods across the country – especially in the South.

The mask has already been banned in establishments in many cities – as they are connected with gang and other criminal activity.

But hundreds of students have been organizing on Twitter, Media Take Out has confirmed, and they plan on wearing the “Sheistys” to graduation.

One student pointed out on Twitter, most schools allow for kids to wear “masks” during the graduation ceremony, to protect themselves from transmission of the Covid virus. The kids are using this mask “loophole” to wear the Sheistys to graduation.

A “Pooh Sheisty Mask” is named after the popular rapper Popoh Sheisty – who is currently behind bars on charges that carry an 8 year sentence.

Shiesty, whose real name is Lontrell Williams Jr., has remained behind bars at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami where the “Back In Blood” emcee has been since his arrest this past June. Shiesty managed to avoid a life sentence after copping out to a firearms conspiracy charge earlier last month.

The prosecution recommended that Shiesty serve a maximum of 97 months or eight years under the sentencing guidelines for his role in the 2020 shooting of a robbery victim in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida.

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