New Gen Z TREND On TikTok Called FREE BLEEDING … No Pads During Time Of Month!

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There’s a new trend on TikTok that’s growing – it’s called “free bleeding.” In the trend, Media Take Out learned that women are eschewing the use of sanitary pads or tampons, during their time of the month. Instead they just allow nature to do what it does.

The trend has become a popular topic of conversation on the social media platform TikTok, young women are sharing their experiences.

The popular TokToker Charlee explained to her followers that she’d started free bleeding and, while she said she knew it was an “insane” choice, she added that it was “healthy” and she saved money by doing it.

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And she’s not alone. TikToker Annette talked through her process of free bleeding and said that when she is on her period, she doesn’t leave the house because she wants to honor her body.

TikTok creator Hannah went viral when she claimed that after she “transitioned” to free-bleeding her period was “lighter than ever.”

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