Netflix Banned Questions About Ben Affleck On JLo’s ‘Atlas’ Tour

Lyndon Abioye |

Netflix has reportedly “banned” questions about Ben Affleck so that Jennifer Lopez will not be embarrassed while promoting her new movie, Atlas.

“Jennifer doesn’t want any more embarrassing questions asked about the status of her marriage,” a source told In Touch, adding that Netflix agreed with JLo’s decision.

Rumors surfaced recently that the pair are heading for divorce and that they are living in separate homes.

“You can feel the energy in the room, though. Everyone is looking to see if she’s wearing her wedding ring or cracks in her demeanor,” the source continued, adding that people are more interested in her personal life than in the movie she is trying to promote.

“She’s promoted and gushed about her and Ben’s romance so much that her fans feel obligated,” the source went on. “You can’t blame them. They truly want to know what’s going on.”

So far, neither Ben nor Jen have confirmed their separation.

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