Nelly Takes Credit For The Success Of Nike Air Force 1s 

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In 2002 Nelly released his single “Air Force Ones” and he says the price of the Nike sneakers rocketed shortly after.

“Let me tell you something … everybody that got Nike shoe deals need to be thanking us right now because we opened Nike’s eyes to a lot of that. At that time they weren’t doing it. They were basically on some, ‘they’re gonna win regardless,'” he told Complex.

“Now, did they donate? Yes, they did donate some to the tour. They did sponsor some of the things for the tour because one of our tours we came out we had a big Air Force 1 that used to go across the stadium and things like that, which was really dope. They did load us. I didn’t know it was a limited time, you know?” he told the outlet.

He added: “But when we first started rocking Air Force 1’s they were $59.99, when we did the song, 8 months later they were $100 … Now we ain’t get no residuals so holla at your boy.”

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