Ne-Yo Speaks On His Rocky Marriage To Crystal Smith

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Drink Champs dropped another snippet from their interview with Ne-Yo and the singer talks more about his marriage to Crystal Smith.

“Right before the pandemic was when things was at its worst,” he says in the clip. “Just couldn’t talk to each other. Like it’s clearly beef but I’m on tour I’ll see you in three weeks. That type of thing. So when the pandemic hit and everybody had to go home it kinda forced us to sit in each other’s face and talk about the stuff that we just wasn’t talking about.”

“So when the pandemic hit there was a multitude of places that I coulda went, but in the beginning, they wasn’t really telling us nothing so I’m like, listen cats is dying and we gotta go home,” he continued.

“The NBA is shut down, I’m gonna go to my house house. I’m gonna go where I know my kids is at, where I know my mama at, where I know my wife who don’t like me right now but it’s alright cause if we gonna die we gonna figure it out. That was the thought process.”

Crystal recently asked Ne-Yo for a divorce and accused him of having a baby with another woman.

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