NBAs Zion Williamson Got A STR*PPER Pregnant … Vid Leaks Of Her Acting REALLY Ratchet!

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NBA superstar Zion Williamson is about to be a father, and his latest baby’s mother is a beautiful New Orleans women named Concrete Rose, who previously worked as a dancer, Media Take Out confirmed.

Congratulations are in order to Zion, 22, and Rose, 30, they seem happy.

And Concrete Rose is definitely happy about her situation. Over the past few weeks, she’s been posting videos of her going on expensive shopping sprees at some of the city’s priciest stores.

Concrete Rose seems to have also given up her career as a dancer, and will now be a stay at home mom, raising the couple’s child. According to Media Take Out’s insiders, the child will be born in November of this year. Until then, Concrete Rose plans on staying home, relaxing, shopping, and making sure that her soon-to-be child is safe in her stomach.

It’s a happy ending for the beautiful former dancer. But not everyone is happy about her new life. One one her jealous former friends posted a video of Concrete Rose acting ratcheted, and getting into a fight with another woman.


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