NBAs Draymond Green Believed To Buy Basketball Wives Footage Of Soon-To-Be Wife Getting Beat Up!

NBA star Draymond Green is believed to have acquired the rights to an episode of the VH1 series Basketball Wives – and Media Take Out has learned that we may never be able to see that episode again.

That’s because the episode that was bought by a mysterious anonymous buyer, is one which showed Dray’s fiancé getting attacked and assaulted by another woman.

Draymond and his longtime fiancé Hazel are set to get married this summer. The NBA champion/star has been dating his current fiancé for the past 5 years, and they have a very happy and healthy relationship. In fact, their relationship is considered “goals” by most basketball players.

But before meeting Draymond, Hazel starred on the VH1 series Basketball Wives. And while she was generally tame on the show – she has one very memorable scene, getting beat up by another “Basketball Wife” named Saniyah.

Media Take Out spoke with an entertainment industry insider, who told us that he believes that the mystery buyer who contacted the producer of the series and bought the rights to that memorable episode, was Draymond.

The insider told Media Take Out, “Someone bought the right just to that episode. No other episode, just that one. They did it through a series of corporations, so you couldn’t tell exactly who was behind it. But everyone suspects it’s Draymond who did that.”

Draymond and Hazel are currently preparing for an over-the-top celebrity filled wedding next month. The couple is spending almost $1 million on the affair, and it will be covered by a top fashion magazine.

For now, you can still find clips from the episode on Youtube. But they may all be pulled soon, by the new owner of the footage. Here’s one channel that posted the fight between Hazel and Saniyah.

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