NBA YoungBoy’s Baby Mama Accuses Him Of Orchestrating Assault!!

Lyndon Abioye |

The mother of NBA YoungBoy’s son claims the rapper set it up for her to be attacked by two women.

“Watch who you have kids by. My son dad let his whreS yes whres with an S cause it was 2 of them weak ass hoes. He gave them an order to get me lol you know b*****s who never came from sh*t gone do it. My son was in my hands. His dad just sat back and watched smh,” she wrote.

She followed up with: “Lmao his security so weak I drove right past them and walked right in that house like I pay the bills I was calm and respectful I asked where is kaell like 30 times! I finally found him and his wh*res was trying to take my son out of my hands smh I cannot make this up.”

Arcola had to go to the hospital for her injuries and received five stitches. She says her son was in her hands during the alleged jumping. YoungBoy has not responded.

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