NBA YoungBoy To Remain In Jail Until Pretrial Release Hearing

Lyndon Abioye |

NBA YoungBoy was arraigned Friday on allegations of orchestrating a fraudulent prescription drug operation and will be forced to remain in jail until his pretrial release hearing on April 29.

The rapper is accused of is accused of having friends and family fill fake prescriptions in Utah’s Cache County.

“The NBA street gang is a group of associates of Kentrell Gaulden’s that have been classified as a gang because of their structure, affiliation, and violent behavior. Kentrell Gaulden’s music is heavily influenced by such behavior, as he is consistently rapping about shooting and killing people, using drugs, and having a strong dislike for law enforcement,” the court document states.

The rapper is facing charged of possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person and for a pattern of unlawful activity, which are both Class 2 felony charges. Other charges inlcide procuring or attempting to procure drug/prescription, identity fraud, forgery and possession of other controlled substances.

If a pretrial release is granted for YoungBoy, he will likely be sent back to Louisiana in federal custody.

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