NBA YoungBoy Says Most Rappers Are NOT Gangsta

Lyndon Abioye |

NBA YoungBoy says most rappers are not gangsta. He would know since he had had several brushes with the law and has spent some time behind bars.

“I’m gonna talk crazy on there. I’m gonna show you Murda Man. I’m gonna talk crazy on there, but I’m letting you know though, don’t try this at home,” he said.

The rapper was then asked about how to tell what’s real and what’s for entertainment when it comes to rap artists.

“Entertainment and reality is very different. What I do think is some entertainer make their entertainment their reality also. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people you’ll see today, oh that’s 100% who they is. I don’t doubt it. A lot of rappers today, half of them probably 100% who they is. But I guarantee you bro, the majority of them, nah,” he explained.

He continued: “It be like this bro: you’ll look at these rappers’ videos, you gon’ see a gun in this video, right? You go to the next one, you see a gun in his video, right? You gotta dig a little deeper sometimes, bro. Alright, now look at his mama. His mama ain’t no gangsta, so how the f-ck is he a gangsta? That sh-t don’t be adding up, bro.”

Is he right? Are most gangsta’s mothers gangsta too?

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