NBA YoungBoy Receives ‘Donkey Of The Day’ For Fatherhood Comments

Lyndon Abioye |

After he said he did not enjoy fatherhood despite fathering 11 children, rapper NBA YoungBoy received Charlamagne Tha God’s “Donkey of the Day.”

“Donkey of the Day’ is all about giving people the credit they deserve for being stupid, but it’s also about using things like this as a teachable moment. I didn’t know I would have to say this, but my brothers, that is wack. Alright?” said Charlamagne.

He continued, “So many of us come from broken homes. So many of us had fathers or mothers that weren’t ‘big’ on having kids. But what bothers me about statements like this is NBA YoungBoy talks that gangster talk in his records. Not only does he talk that gangster talk, he talks that big money talk. Well in the words of Jay-Z, a man that don’t take care of his family can’t be rich, so don’t talk money talk to me if you not ‘big’ on fatherhood.”

Fans weighed in and agreed with Charlamagne.

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