NBA YoungBoy Reacts To Hate Over His Painted Nails!!

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NBA YoungBoy clapped back at haters trolling him for painting his nails.

“Y’all be playing with the slime, huh? See, all y’all used to love me. Now, nobody love me. But I think y’all forgot, I ain’t never not got no bitches anyway,” he said in the clip. “So, what the problem is? N-ggas wanna talk about my nails. I done f-cked them up now. Everybody wanna play with the slime, but it’s all good. You know I’m a big troll. As long as I ain’t no dead troll, n-gga. You can talk about my nails all you want. Bitch, I know somebody that wish they could paint they nails right now.”

YoungBoy laughs in the video and seemed unbothered by the reactions.

Earlier this week, Soulja Boy blasted rappers for wearing lipstick and nail polish.

“I don’t put fingernail polish on my nails I don’t do – this is chapstick. Why don’t you go on your favorite rapper live and ask him why he got fingernail polish on? Or ask him why he got lipstick on?” he said on Live. “Nah, you wanna come to a real n-gga live, a real gangster and play with a n-gga talking about some chapstick, man. Stop playing.

“But when your real favorite rapper put fingernail polish on his nails, y’all don’t see that sh-t huh? Y’all don’t see that though, huh? He a gangster, right? Y’all like to play with the real n-ggas, go play with the n-ggas that actually put sh-t on they’re nails.”

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