NBA YoungBoy Presses Rich The Kid Over Pic w/ Lil Durk!!

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Rich The Kid appeared as a guest on NBA Youngboy’s Amp radio show, and he wasted no time in checking the rapper after taking a picture with the opps…Lil Durk back in the summer.

“I want to ask you about the famous picture,” NBA YoungBoy said. “They had somebody in there that really don’t like me I guess. Or however, the world paint it. I don’t take sh-t personal. I ain’t worried about nobody. I want to ask you about the famous picture with the guy who supposedly don’t like the Slime. I want you to tell me about that.”

Rich responded: “Well sh-t, you know that was my performance you know we spoke on that I called you after that. But you know I wanna just be on some stop the violence sh-t you feel me?”

YoungBoy pressed him further: “Aye, I’m gone ask you like this. You know, as your little brother, I would never ask you for the beef with nobody or diss nobody or ever just get out your element with nobody you know cause that ain’t you. And if this was on top of my heart at the moment you know I could do that for myself. I could 100 percent get that done myself, however it is. You say that was for your show, I’m saying as your little brother, you ain’t feel like you could just call me?”

YoungBoy felt Rich should have canceled the performance. The rappers went back and forth for a while on the subject.

Was Rich The Kid taking a pic with Durk disloyal?

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