NBA YoungBoy Offers To Sell His Hard Drive For $100 Million!!

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NBA YoungBoy says he will sell his hard drive full of music for $100 million.

“You can have it for 100million and I’ll never rap again on everything,” he posted on Instagram Story.

He did not say what is on the hard drive but fans assumed it was music.

Last week, he made headlines by responding to criticism about him painting his nails.

“Y’all be playing with the slime, huh? See, all y’all used to love me. Now, nobody love me?” he says in the clip.

He continued: “Niggas wanna talk about my nails. I done f-cked them up now. Everybody wanna play with the slime, but it’s all good. You know I’m a big troll. As long as I ain’t no dead troll, n-gga. You can talk about my nails all you want. Bitch, I know somebody that wish they could paint they nails right now.”

Just days before, Soulja Boy went off about rappers wearing lipstick and nail polish.

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