NBA YoungBoy Goes OFF On DJ Akademiks: Stupid Drunk-Face A*s!!

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NBA YoungBoy was annoyed with DJ Akademiks when the media personality expressed excitement that YoungBoy and Lil Durk would be dropping albums on the same date.

YoungBoy says he does not care about sales.

“This p-ssy a-s n-ggaa Akademiks. Actin’ like I give a f-ck about numbers. Bitch, I just dropped two weeks ago. This p-ssy n-gga finna drop. Bitch, I ain’t worried about no numbers, n-gga. Bitch a-s n-gga, big bank take lil’ bank. Your stupid drunk face a-s. That’s all you like to do, bitch, is get drunk and talk sh-t. That one gon’ get you f-cked up,” he says in the clip.

Just days ago, Akademiks announced Durk and YoungBoy had squashed their beef, although neither of the rappers have confirmed this to be true.

Ak responded to YoungBoy on Twitter:

“Lol I never thought I see the day my homie diss me cuz his sales low. This rap game is the devil lol. Youngboy I forgive u man. We can get them sales up otherwise… lol. But ok. Capitol Records I blame u for this… y’all pressuring YB to get some sales he doing anything. Get my boy off house arrest tho. YB the last rapper I thought would ever do some sh-t for sales. But damn. Go buy his album it drops Friday… He’s tryna outsell Lil Durk. I still love him thc. Buy his project.”

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