NBA YoungBoy Associate Lil Pap Sentenced To 5 Yrs For Gee Money’s Murder!!

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Deandre “NBA Lil Pap” Fields accepted a plea deal this week in the shooting of rapper Gee Money. Gee Money was shot and killed outside of his music studio in September 2017. As part of the plea deal, Lil Pap will do five years behind bars.

Lil Pap and Gee Money fell out in 2017 after NBA YoungBoy decided to fly solo.

“This arrest created a serious issue to the successful trial of Deandre Fields as the state’s eyewitness has been indicted for a homicide himself,” District Attorney Hillar Moore said in a statement at the time. “There was no other direct information outside of some circumstantial evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Fields was responsible for this homicide.”

Instead of being charged for second-degree murder, prosecutors charged him with accessory after the fact of murder. Lil Pap is currently serving a three-year sentence for a federal weapons charge.

“I’m going to agree to the deal, but I want to say for the record that I’m 100% innocent,” Lil Pap told the judge per The Advocate.

Judge Michael McDonald responded, “Well, if you’re not guilty, you’re not guilty.”

“It’s in my best interest to accept the plea,” the rapper responded.

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