NBA Star Ramon Rondo Had A Classy ‘Hood Wedding’ This Weekend! (Pics)

Iyanna Muhammad |

NBA champion Rajon Rondo and his longtime girlfriend, Latoia Fitzgerald were married yesterday in what many are calling the classiest “hood wedding” that they’ve ever attended, Media Take Out has learned.

Latoia is the “classy” one in the marriage. The gorgeous Philly native is the designer behind celebrity favorite brand, ‘Lionne,’ French for the lioness,. The couple got engaged during Latoia’s New York Fashion Week debut.

The Los Angeles-based Philly native paid homage to the influential hip hop legends and stylists throughout the 90s and early 2000s with her line called ‘Collection 002.’

And while Latoia is the “classy” one in the new marriage, Rondo is the “hood” member of the family. How hood? Well when the couple came out, for the first time as husband and wife, they came out to Future – and all of Rondo’s bros met up with them on the dance floor, look:

Here are some more pictures from the wedding, which took place on the Italian countryside.

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