NBA Star Josh Giddey Is COOKED … Underage Girl’s Family Hires Gloria Allred!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Gloria Allred, the famed attorney known for shaking down high profile men caught in s** scandals, has been hired by the girl at the center of the investigation into OKC star Josh Giddey. Police are currently working to determine if he had an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

So far the young girl has been silent …. until now.

As Media Take Out has reported, multiple police departments have launched an investigation into the potential inappropriate relationship between Josh and a young woman – who has been described as “underage.”

Media Take Out has not been able to confirm the nature of Josh and the woman’s relationship, but social media has been going wild with rumors – claiming that the girl was 15 years old and in a relationship with Josh.

The rumors were so strong, that the NBA was forced to put out a statement regarding the issue. So far Josh has not been suspended from playing any games with his team, however.

If you thought Cassie’s bag was big …. that girl is never going to have to work a DAY IN HER LIFE!!

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