NBA Star Eddy Curry Refused $400K A Year For 50 Yrs Straight!!

Eddy Curry led The Chicago Bulls in points average in 2004-05 before being hospitalized with an irregular heartbeat. The team then offered him a big check to take a test to see whether he had a congenital heart condition, but he refused on privacy grounds.

He said he was offered $400k per year for 50 years if he took the test.

“Yeah, but the thing was, the crazy thing was my agent had did the math. He’s a super, like, he was a lawyer before all of this, Leon Rose.”

He continued, “He was a crazy super lawyer before this. But like they did the math on this. The Bulls owed me like, I don’t know what it was for that next year. I had option that year to get like $5.7 or ($8 million) or whatever. Whatever it was, they basically were gonna put that money up and pay the interest of that money. That’s all they were really doing… I felt like that wasn’t really honest of them to do that.”

Should he have taken the test?

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