NBA Baller Imán Shumpert Allegedly Caught Creeping On Teyana Taylor! (Video)

Lyndon Abioye |

Iman Shumpert and his wife Teyana Taylor have been married for over six years now.

The couple have children together and they have been seen as a power couple of sorts. Shumpert, who played in the NBA, and Taylor are big into fashion. Taylor has her own shoe with Jumpman, and she continues to do great things in the world of film and television.

But over the weekend, a rumor about the couple began circulating. Media Take Out learned that the gossip blog The Neighborhood Talk, claimed that Iman is cheating on Teyana.

As proof, the blood posted a woman wearing one of Shumpert’s chains. In the video, you could hear Teyana’s husband’s voice in the background.


The alleged side chick goes by the IG handle ayy_mamiii_. In the Instagram post below, she came back and said she and Iman Shumpert simply work together. Man has his own label, and she is just one of his artists. She also claims that the chain she had on is a chain that was made specifically for him and his artists.


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