NAV: People Hate Me Because Of The Way I Look!!

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Canadian rapper NAV says he receives so much hate because of the way he looks.

“The way I look, bro that’s gotta be it. They’re just tight. Yo bro, If I was some light-skinned dude with tattoos, the whole look, NBA 2K player looking type of dude bro, and I saw me, getting more money and having more fun, and getting more bitches, and clout, and whatever I’d hate me too,” he told Complex.

He said at one point, his team even worked hard to hide his face from the public…so people would continue to think he was Black.

“When Cash met me, I had like 4,000 followers and then he was like, ‘Are you attached to anything on your history?’ I was like, ‘Nah,’ then he just started deleting all the pictures, like archiving them or whatever. Then right after that I blew up and no one knew what I looked like. Some people thought I was Black, they didn’t know. That was when the hate started coming in.”

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