Mysonne Boycotts Nike For Dropping Kyrie Irving

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Rapper Mysonne says he’s boycotting Nike after they dropped Kyrie Irving who shared a video promoting the Black Hebrew Israelites.

He said he made a conscious decision that he doesn’t “f-ck with Nike,” anymore.

In the post’s caption, he wrote, “What are we willing to Sacrifice to be free?? If we value ANYTHING more than our own dignity a Self Respect then we will NEVER have equity or equality! If we don’t Stand for Something we will continue to fall for anything!! #F_ckNike #BlackOwnedBusiness We unplugging from the Matrix !! They need Us we don’t need them!!”

Mysonne posted a second video, a response to the reaction over his first post. The video shows him throwing all of his Nike sneakers in the trash.

“TRIGGER WARNING!! If you so attached to Nike that it Bothers you that they are now TRASH in my Eyes therefore not only will I not wear or support it anymore , I refuse to donate Trash to anyone but the incinerator!! #F_ckNike .. Shifting The Paradigm!’ I don’t need Nike , Nike Need ME!!”

Is this going too far or is he right?

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