25 Yr Old Shanquella Robinson DIED In Mexico . . . Was It An ACCIDENT . . . Or Was She KILLED? (Video)

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25-year-old Shanquella Robinson, a North Carolina woman well known for her business of braiding hair, turned up dead after just one day into her vacation to Mexico with friends.

Now Media Take Out has learned that her family wants answers as to what happened, and how she died.

According to the friends who accompanied the beautiful Shanquella on the trip, she was drunk and had an “accident.” But the specific details surrounding her death are not known.

And while Shanquella’s friends are not speaking out publicly on what happened, they were interviewed by Mexican police – who refused to press charges. The U.S. State Department says that Mexican authorities say there‚Äôs no clear evidence Shanquella was murdered.

The official death certificate, which Media Take Out has obtained, lists the cause of death as severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation. That’s damage to the top of her spinal cord, near her neck.

Shanquella traveled to Mexico with a group of friends on or about October 30th, and stayed at Villa Linda 32, a property listed on A rep with the company told local media that the group called the concierge for help Saturday afternoon. The concierge called a doctor who gave the young woman CPR.

Shanquilla died at 3 p.m., an estimated 15 minutes after her injury.

The death certificate was not clear on whether Shanquella was killed or whether it was an accident.

But the situation just got a whole lot murkier. Media Take Out learned that a video is circulating online, purporting to show Shanquella getting badly beaten by another woman, while a man videos the assault.


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