Murda Mook Claims Lloyd Banks STOLE His Bars!!

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Battle rapper Murda Mook claims G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks stole some of his bars.

The rapper sat down with The Danza Project where he opened up about the incident.

“Battle rap in the beginning was taboo to mention. And I never forget shit, I never forget y’all n-ggas. All y’all n-ggas, the rappers, the quote unquote big rappers that watched us but never wanted to say it. N-ggas used to watch- like, it wasn’t cool to mention it. It used to be those, ‘Oh, them battle rapping ass n-ggas,’ but n-ggas used to watch it.”

The Mook spoke about Banks directly.

“Lloyd Banks is my guy, but he took two of my bars. I told him. He know, he know it. But, nevertheless, y’all can find it later. Find the bars later,” he said. “It was just nice regardless, though. I’m not saying it’s like that. He probably thought, ‘Nobody gon’ see this battle rap sh-t, right?'”

Lloyd Banks saw the interview and immediately responded, with “cap” emojis in the comments section.

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