Multiple Sources Tell Us MEG THEE STALLION … May Be Pregnant!!! (Tea Inside)

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Meg Thee Stallion is coming off a very trying 2022 …. and she might have some good news for us all in 2023. Media Take Out spoke with two music industry insiders who believe that the beautiful female rapper may be pregnant, by her boyfriend rapper Pardison Fontaine.

Meg was most recently in the news for testifying against her ex, rapper Tory Lanez. Meg was forced to take the stand and relive painful memories, from when Tory reportedly shot her in the foot during a heated argument. Tory was eventually convicted of shooting Meg at trial.

And while Meg was happy with the outcome of the criminal proceeding, she felt betrayed by many in the hip hop world, as well as some of her fans and followers – who thought she was lying about the incident.

Now Meg is hoping to start things anew in 2023. Media Take Out spoke with an entertainment insider who recently saw Meg, and according to the woman, Meg was carrying extra weight around her mid-section.

The insider explained, “Meg was looking pregnant. She had a small belly, and she was glowing.” The insider explained that she saw Meg inside Roc Nation’s offices in Los Angeles.

She continued, “Meg looked really happy too. She seems ready to get back to work [making music] and putting all the Tory stuff behind her.”

Another insider, who Media Take Out spoke with independently of the first, told us that she also believed that Meg was pregnant. As the second insider put it, “[Meg] was giving off pregnancy vibes.”

If the insiders speculation is true, it would be Meg’s first child, and the second for Pardi. He has a daughter named Jordy,

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