Moriah Mills Calls Zion Williamson “Tired & Boring” In Bed

Lyndon Abioye |

Adult star Moriah Mills is still going at her ex, Zion Williamson, claiming he was not good in bed.

“Here’s some advice, Zion Williamson, since you wanna send your publicist to talk sh-t about me every other friggin’ week,” she posted on TikTok. “How about you get on a treadmill, speed three, level 12, and maybe you’ll lose some weight. And go on it for like an hour, too. Second, how about you stop drinking sodas? Three, how about you practice doing three-pointers? Everybody’s tired of seeing you do dunks all freakin’ day. Learn another move, it’s getting bored and tired. You’re tired and boring, just like you were in bed.”

The video comes on the heels of Stephen A. Smith calling Zion out for his weight gain.

In June, Moriah was suspended from Twitter after she threatened to leak a sex tape of her and NBA star Zion Williamson. Moriah spilled all of the tea after Williamson announced on social media that he would soon welcome his first child with his girlfriend, Ahkeema.

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