MORE Evidence Uncovered Leads People To Ask . . . Was Rapper COOLIO MURDERED???

Rapper Coolio passed away suddenly last week, at the age of 59 years old. So far police and doctors suspect that he otherwise healthy rapper died of natural causes.


But less than a month before Coolio’s untimely death, the rapper discussed that he was planning on “exposing” people in the entertainment industry that he feels were engaged in unconscionable acts.

And during the same interview Coolio warned that he may end up DEAD because of what he planned to expose, Media Take Out has learned.

Now that video has been released, and millions of Coolio’s fans have renewed questions into his death – and some are even asking the question – is it possible that Coolio could have actually been murdered?

Here’s a clip from the interview where Coolio seemingly predicted his own death:

Coolio has spoken out publicly about the streaming music companies, and how he believes that they were taking money from African American artists.

But he also had MORE to say. In the interview, Coolio suggested that he may have information of possible criminal activity among high level executives in the entertainment industry that he wanted to expose.

Less than a month after Coolio expressed his intention to expose these individuals, he was found dead inside a Los Angeles home,

Until a full autopsy and toxicology report is released, we can only speculate what killed him.

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