Mo’Nique Responds To D.L. Hughley Calling Her A LIAR

Lyndon Abioye |

Mo’Nique has responded to D.L. Hughley calling her a “liar” after her viral Club Shay Shay interview.

“Mo’Nique brought that sh-t up and told the world that I allowed my daughter to be r-ped in front of me. The lying motherf-cker,” Hughley said on his Instagram after the interview dropped.

Mo’Nique addressed his response.

“D.L. Hughley, that’s your conscience talking to you, brother; I never said that. And I want to be clear about something else,” said Mo’Nique. “Never would I try to do anything to harm any of your babies because we got babies, too. However, what I was saying to your daughter — and to the other daughters out there — I know what it’s like for your daddy to know you’ve been touched and he not protect you.”

Mo’nique also announced her plans to go on tour with Katt Williams. Fans believe her interview was just a part of the tour rollout.

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